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Council Services Plus - Insurance Solutions for Today's Nonprofits

CS Plus was created to bring an unmatched level of understanding of nonprofit operations and insurance solution development to members of NYCON and the nonprofit community. The New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) has been offering and endorsing insurance programs since the 1960’s. In that time NYCON began to realize that nonprofit organizations are very unique in their insurance needs and were vastly misunderstood by many insurance organizations.CSPlus_logo_tag09_small.JPG

In addition to their unique operations and philosophy, many nonprofit were not large enough to attract the attention and dedication of the broker community. Since over 90% of nonprofits have budgets less than $1MM, NYCON discovered that most experienced insurance producers only served the top 10%, leaving 90% of the nonprofit community with no access to top notch insurance advice. 

 In 1998, NYCON recognized the need to have an experienced insurance brokerage dedicated solely to assisting nonprofits with insurance issues.  Today CS Plus works with more than 1,200 NYCON members. Through our broker services and our affiliation with the endorsed NYCON program brokers, we have helped thousands of nonprofits feel better about their insurance programs, save money and help them help their communities. CS Plus is also recognized as one of the capital region’s largest health and life brokerages. Whether it is a concern for liability or a need for a comprehensive employee benefit package, CS Plus is the insurance resource for your nonprofit. 
CS Plus…Insurance Solutions for Today’s Nonprofits. 


Innovative Charitable Initiatives -  Providing Affordable Solutions to Nonprofit Employment and Administration

ici_logo.gifInnovative Charitable Initiatives can be your employment solution. As a nonprofit administrative support agency, we partner with you to provide dependable, management of payroll, benefits, and insurance necessities that suit the unique requirements of your organization at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time professional.  Addressing the need for employee benefit assistance for nonprofit organizations, groups, and charitable functions, ICI’s programs offer effective administrative services while allowing you to manage programmatic control of your organization and its personnel needs. ICI serves as administrative employer for a variety of community projects that are managed on a day-to-day basis by other organizations.

Key ICI Service Benefits

  • Management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll, workers compensation and professional liability while you maintain the day-to-day and programmatic supervision of staff
  • Affordable employment management alternative to investing in or expanding internal human resource capacity building
  • Personnel policies and employee contracts for all ICI employees created by on site law firm
  • Flexibility to add or decrease staff and implement COBRA coverage without administrative burdens

ICI Services are Ideal for:

  • Unincorporated Groups
  • Short-term projects and grants
  • Coalitions and Consortiums
  • Emerging Group
  • Transitional Programs


govmatterssubnycon.jpgGovernance Matters, Inc.
The market leader since our founding in 1969, Governance Matters has maintained a reputation as the innovator in the field of nonprofit governance services both regionally and nationally. In 2009, we established the Brooke W. Mahoney Award for Outstanding Board Leadership, the only award that annually recognizes the leadership and work of an entire nonprofit Board of Directors.  Named in honor of our founder, this prestigious award is supported by The Rauch Foundation.

For nonprofit Boards, for our corporate and professional firm partners, for foundations and Board candidates, we provide services based on 45 years of experience and innovation. 

Governance Matters’ sole focus is strengthening the governance and management ability of nonprofit Boards of Directors.  We bring together Boards needing new members and individuals who wish to serve across the broad range of skill, ethnicity, age, and geography. Our programs:

  • Bring Together Board Candidates and Nonprofit Boards
  • Work To Make Boards More Effective
  • Provide Ongoing Education Opportunities to Board members. 


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NYCON develops and promotes an effective and vibrant charitable nonprofit community throughout New York State.  We strengthen organizational capacity, act as an advocate and unifying voice, help to inform philanthropic giving, and conduct research and planning to demonstrate relevance and impact.