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Tuesday, January 9, 2018 6:00 pm

The Board/Executive Director Relationship: Structuring and Managing Legal Considerations

Given increasing scrutiny & liabilities surrounding the employment of nonprofit chief executive officers, it’s essential that boards of directors have a comprehensive understanding of respective responsibilities & liabilities relative to employment relationships.  This session will offer an overview of legal issues pertinent to employment arrangements in general as well as focus on issues specific to executive directors. We will look at various commonly-utilized legal documents—particularly those applicable to employment contracts & severance agreements.  The precarious issue of “look-the-other-way” arrangements concerning previously-unauthorized & undocumented deferred compensation arrangements will also be addressed.  In the end, Directors will be left with a better understanding of what they need to understand when it comes to the compensation of executive leadership.

The workshop will be facilitated by Michael West. Michael West is the Senior Attorney at the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc.  He has served as a staff attorney with NYCON since 2002 and presently oversees NYCON’s Legal Services Group.  Although he has represented clients in all areas of criminal and civil litigation, Mr. West’s practice has long been devoted exclusively to addressing issues concerning tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations, particularly those matters implicating corporate, tax, contract, real property and employment law.  He is a recognized and respected advocate, not only for his own clients, but for the nonprofit community as a whole. 

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