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Discounted Goods & Products via "Good360"

Through the NYCON/National Council of Nonprofits’ partnership with Good360, you are able to access countless valuable products donated from Fortune 500 manufacturing, technology and retail companies, and hundreds of smaller companies across the US, that include products such as: children’s items (books, toys, games, music/CD/DVD, paints, crayons); clothing; personal care products; office supplies; technology products; building and cleaning supplies; linens, furniture, small appliances and more. NYCON members get a free upgrade to VIP status, which provides additional benefits above and beyond standard registration.

Please note: members that sign up must follow the Good360 guidelines that require that the donated goods are used by the State Association or their members for their own operations or directly for programs to benefit ill, youth or needy clients – the donated goods may not be transferred or redistributed in exchange for money, property or services, and cannot be used as prizes for fundraisers, raffles, or auctions; nor can the goods be given to volunteers or staff or sold in thrift shops, on the internet or elsewhere. All organizations receiving products from Good360 must be approved and meet Good360’s requirements which is accomplished through a simple online registration process. - See more at:


This Vendor is Endorsed by NYCON

Contact: Lindsay

Phone: (703) 299-7561


Website: Discounted Goods & Products via "Good360" Website


Let Lindsay know that you are a NYCON member (and member of the Council of Nonprofits.)

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