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Power Consulting

Power Consulting [NYCON Corporate Member]

Since 1991, Power Consulting has provided professional technology solutions, support, and management services for small businesses. Brothers Chris and Gary Power established it on the premise that technology is for people. Service that does not start and end with user’s needs will not succeed. The needs of business and the needs of management are ultimately the needs of the end users. The “Human Factor” must be taken fully into account in discovery, consulting, delivery, and support, for a successful project and a successful relationship.

The first pillar of Power Consulting is People. The team is composed of skilled and natural communicators who truly care about your technical and business challenges.

The second pillar is Process – time-tested and always improving. Methodology for client support and solutions combines tremendous depth of experience and extensive documentation with the best tools and systems – the software and hardware platforms that enable Power Consulting to meet and exceed our client’s service demands.

Finally, and certainly not least, is Purpose: client satisfaction. Power Consulting achieves this by great people, communication, and systems. But each client is different, and we will always strive to meet your company’s special needs and standards for success.

Our people, our process, and our single-minded purpose is the power behind Power Consulting. We bring these assets to your business.


NYCON is pleased to welcome our newest Corporate Member, Power Consulting. Power Consulting has been providing comprehensive IT support and management for many New York nonprofits and businesses for 25 years. 


During our Webinar, Chris Power, the CEO & Founder of Power Consulting Group will be discussing the following topics:



  • Leveraging technology to achieve your Non-profit’s mission
  • The advantages of hiring an IT Managed Services provider, as opposed to in-house staff
  • Strategically budgeting for your Non-profit’s IT needs.
  • Are Non-profits uniquely vulnerable to Cyberattacks?
  • 5 simple ways to improve your Non-profit’s cyber security readiness

Contact: Nan Dolean, Sales Director

Phone: 212-647-0377 ext 228

E-Mail: Nan Donelan

Website: Power Consulting Website

New York, New York

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