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Employee Benefit Programs
Let the team at NYCON and Council Services Plus (our very own insurance broker subsidiary) help your nonprofit create an extensive, affordable benefits package that is easy to comprehend and manage. 

CSPlus_logo_tag09_small.JPGOur nonprofit members have access (for free) to employee benefits expertise from Council Services Plus. CS Plus can work with you to assess and evaluate your current employee benefits offerings and find the right fit for you among NYCON's pre-determined discount programs OR they can offer you access to any employee benefit solution on the market, if NYCON's plans don't fit your needs.

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To get started, contact CS Plus and let them know you are a NYCON Member.

Other Member Benefits:
Salary and Benefits Report Released, Member Discount on Purchase
Get the most current information available about nonprofit salaries and benefits in New York.  Order your copy of New York's most comprehensive salary and benefits report in the nonprofit sector.  The report presents the findings of the 2015 Nonprofit Organizations State of New York Salary and Benefits Survey with results from organizations employing 23,450 individuals within New York State. CLICK TO ORDER
Cost: $250

NYCON Member Cost: $125
Please contact our Membership Office for your discount code. 

Multi-Level Salary Information This report provides the latest and most complete salary information available on 141 nonprofit positions from entry level to the executive office including base salary, bonus practices, total cash compensation, salary increases, employee turnover, and more.  The salary data is presented at three different levels (by Position, by Job Family and by Organization) to provide a comprehensive view of pay practices at all levels of a nonprofit organization.  To see the list of positions included in the report, Click Here

Complete Benefits Coverage The report gives current and detailed information on 94 employee benefit offerings found in nonprofit organizations including medical, dental, vision, retirement, executive perks, employee leave, executive employment agreements, flexible spending accounts, and life insurance & disability.  To see a list of all benefits covered in the report, Click Here

Key Benchmarking Information Information is presented by multiple views to allow for fast and easy comparisons against relevant peer organizations by geographic location, operating budget, number of employees, and field of work.  This report provides detailed information on 94 employee benefit programs and 141 nonprofit positions with key performance metrics that can be used to benchmark salary and benefit practices including:

  • Base Salary and Total Cash Compensation data with percentile rankings for each position
  • Bonus Pay practices including average payout, percentage receiving and organizations paying
  • Annual Salary Increases (prior and current year; executive and non-executive)
  • Employee Turnover and Average Tenure by position
  • Total compensation costs as a percentage of operating expenses
  • Employee profile data: number of full/part time; exempt vs. nonexempt
  • Executive Perks and Benefits (organizations offering, special benefits offered)
  • Medical, Dental and Vision (costs paid by organization, eligibility, plan offerings, participation rates)
  • Prescription Drug (retail and mail order costs)
  • Retirement Plans (maximum contributions, eligibility, plan offerings, participation rates)
  • Executive Employment Agreements (organizations offering, terms and conditions)
  • Life Insurance & Disability (eligibility, offerings, participation)
  • General Benefit Offering (covers 34 unique benefit programs)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (offerings, maximum contribution percentile rankings)
  • Employee Leave (vacation, sick, paid time off, personal, holidays, bereavement, FMLA)
  • Overtime Practices – exempt vs. non-exempt staff
  • Part Time Employee Benefit Offerings

Once ordered, this report will be available for download as a pdf file in the download section of your Nonprofit Times account. To view a sample section of this report, Click Here.

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