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Board Liability

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is a necessity for any nonprofit protecting the vulnerability of the volunteer board member. NYCON's D&O Program offers Limits of Liability of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 per claim and aggregate. The NYCON-sponsored policy not only includes coverage for all directors, officers, and employees -- it also covers staff, volunteers, and committee members as well. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive, low-cost policy, underwritten by Chubb/Executive Risk.

  • Apply online to get a quote, or contact a CS Plus representative at
    1 (877) 501-4277.

question.pngLearn More about D&O Insurance: 
In the webinar below, we cover crucial D&O questions that nonprofits ask us on a daily basis.

  • What does D&O insurance generally cover and what can we expect it not to cover?
  • Is there a basic benchmark for how much coverage we should have?
  • What constitutes the elements of a “good” policy and how do we get one for our nonprofit?
  • What do we consider a fair price for D&O coverage?
  • What role does D&O play in a nonprofit’s governance and general operations?

What You Need to Know About D&O Insurance (Webinar)

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