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Property and Commercial General Liability Insurance

CGL protects your organization and its representatives against claims and/or lawsuits that arise and alleged to have caused bodily injury, personal injury or property damage as the result of the negligent actions or operations of the organization.

Bodily injury examples can be slipping/falling and breaking a bone or becoming ill after eating food at a special event sponsored by the organization.

Slip-and-fall types of policies generally exclude coverage for allegations of wrongdoing where physical injury cannot be proven (i.e. mismanagement, conflict of interest, or harassment).

Property coverage, in many cases, is packaged along with GL to allow coverage for damage to office equipment or buildings. However, in its purest form GL only covers the insured for claims resulting in injury.

Why is it important to get CGL insurance?
As a manager, executive director or board of directors of a nonprofit organization you are responsible for executing the purpose and goals of the organization, overseeing its day-to-day operations and risk management exposures to prevent loss for the organization such as an accident resulting in bodily injury allegedly caused by your organization if your premises is not operated in a safe and reasonable manner, or personal or advertising injury, property damage or mismanagement and other exposures.

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