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Insurance Assessment

CS Plus can offer everything from a general review to in-depth consulting and bid services on general, professional, and board liability insurance.

Liability Insurance Review
This service will review and evaluate the organization's liability insurance and exposures. A written report will be generated that gives an overview of the insurance held by the organization and how it meets their contractual and operational requirements. We will also provide tips and recommendations on how to make any changes to either save money or provide better coverage.

Bid/RFP Services
From time to time a nonprofit may want to “shop” its insurance programs or benefits. CS Plus can assist with this procedure, from dealing with multiple proposals and deciding which is the best, structuring a bid invitation, identifying qualified Brokers, assigning insurance markets for the brokers to approach, and evaluating proposals. CS Plus will also help your nonprofit transition to a new insurance program should a change be warranted.

Services range in price from $95 to $135 per hour. In addition to this fee, CS Plus may possibly receive commission as a result of acting as an agent or broker in the sale of insurance or annuity products related to our consulting services. If CS Plus receives commission or other compensation, acting as an agent or broker, as a result of such sale then such commission or compensation shall offset the consulting fee amount.

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