The Soapbox and Toolbox for New York State's Nonprofits

Technical Assistance & Consulting Services

Your organization has questions. NYCON offers professional, experienced, confidential and affordable consultation and training for individual organizations, customized around their specific needs and circumstances.

We work to help you in as timely and efficient ways as possible by phone, email, fax or on-site consultation and formal training or educational sessions. NYCON can help your board and administration solve problems, manage or plan ahead

How Much do the Services Cost?

Most consulting services are provided to Members Only, are affordable, with a varying fee dependant on department as well as the scope of the project(s). 

Is Any Assistance Free to Members?

Yes. NYCON members can contact our expert staff for free with their quick questions either via email or phone. Phone consults are generally limted to 30 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon.

Who Can I Contact to Get Started?

Please fill out this form to have a NYCON Staff person contact you.


Need Assistance Funding a Capacity Building Project?

NYCON's funder partners in different regions of the state have a variety of programs to assist you. Please click on the region below to find out more. If you do not see your location represented, please contact us.

NYCON develops and promotes an effective and vibrant charitable nonprofit community throughout New York State.  We strengthen organizational capacity, act as an advocate and unifying voice, help to inform philanthropic giving, and conduct research and planning to demonstrate relevance and impact.