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Legal Services Group

Running a nonprofit is serious business that warrants knowledgeable legal consultation from time to time. Whether it is a personnel matter or a question on conflict of interest, the NYCON provides our member agencies with independent, expert, and low-cost assistance from attorneys who practice exclusively in nonprofit law.

Quick answers to some of the day-to-day questions that arise in your nonprofit are included in your membership at the NYCON. Should a more thorough answer or analysis be necessary you will be billed separately at a very affordable hourly rate. 

Our Legal Services rates range from $125 per hour to $175 per hour.

A partial list of NYCON Legal Services is as follows. Please contact our Legal Assistant with any questions.

  • Administrative Hearing Representation
  • Affiliations: Legal Consulting
  • Affiliations: Corporate & Policy Document Comparison Reviews
  • Board/ Membership: Prep of Resolutions
  • Bylaw Review and Preparation
  • Certificate of Incorporation Prep, Amendment or Filing
  • Compliance – Corporate Plan Review
  • Contract (Corporate) Prep/Review - including Subsidiary or Shared Services Agreements
  • Collective Bargaining Consult & Representation (in Affiliation Cases Only)
  • Lease Review or Comment
  • Lease Negotiation/Representation
  • Executive Compensation Practice & Compliance Consulting
  • Executive, Personnel, or Independent Contract Prep/ Review
  • General Counsel
  • IRS 1023 Application Prep. & Filing
  • IRS 501(c)(3) Representation
  • Personnel:  Advice on Employee hiring, discipline or termination
  • Personnel:  Policy Prep/ Review
  • Litigation or any Civil Remedy
  • Merger, Dissolution Document Preparation & Filing
  • NYPMIFA Compliance Consultation
  • NYPMIFA Compliance Policy Revision
  • Solvency — Consult & Agent Representation

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Update on Bylaw Review Services:

NYCON Members can now have their bylaws reviewed and revised for compliance with the new Nonprofit Revitalization Act as well as for other areas of improvement, including best practices.

If you are interested in receiving a bylaw review, we encourage you to inquire soon as our volume of requests is very high. We will prepare a quote at no charge. To do so, we will need to ask you a few questions about your existing policies and procedures -- as well as take a look at your current set of bylaws.

To receive a quote for a Bylaw Review please click here and fill out our questionnaire (you will need to upload a copy of your bylaws and your Certificate of Incorporation.)

Please note:

  • You will receive your quote within ten (10) working days.
  • Please review your quote and respond to Peter McCarthy, Policy & Legal Assistant, to let him know if you would like to engage NYCON for this service. 
  • You will then be put into our bylaw service 'queue' on a first come, first served basis. At this time, we will give you an anticipated deliverable date for the completed Bylaw Review. 
  • At this time, due to the high demand, we anticipate that we will not be able to fulfill most requests within 60 days.

NYCON develops and promotes an effective and vibrant charitable nonprofit community throughout New York State.  We strengthen organizational capacity, act as an advocate and unifying voice, help to inform philanthropic giving, and conduct research and planning to demonstrate relevance and impact.