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October 13, 2016

Tools & Resources

[Template Purchase] Nonprofit Revitalization Act Remedial Action Plan for Compliance (2016 Update)

In order to help ensure that nonprofits are in statutory compliance in an expedient way, NYCON prepared the Remedial Action Plan for Corporate Compliance. The Plan provides a Resolution for the Board of Directors to adopt a “Statutory Compliance Article” as a bylaw amendment along with five accompanying policy documents to be attached as Appendices to the Bylaws.

$300 Available to Nonprofit Members. One (1) Hour of implementation assistance is included in this price

fiscal_mgmt_icon.png[Product Purchase] Budget & Cash Flow Toolkit Combo
Designed with the needs and resources of the smaller to medium-sized nonprofit in mind, NYCON’s Chief Fiscal Officer and staff have designed a “fool proof” tool for developing a streamlined, compliant and easy to understand budget.

$299 for NYCON Members; $399 for Non-Members

fundraising_icon.png[Product Purchase] Membership 
NYCON is pleased  that we are continuing our partnership with Grantstation by again offering all current NYCON Members a free subscription to the Grantstation Insider email newsletter. As a Membership Benefit of NYCON, our program now also allows a discount on Grantstation Membership - which gets you full access to - for only $75!

$75 NYCON Members Only

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